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Jobs Platform for ICT professionals cover

Jobs Platform for ICT professionals

The portal connects ICT companies and professionals, thus promoting a career in the field of ICT. Also, the platform provides comprehensive information about the range of skills required in the ICT industry.

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Jobs Platform for ICT professionals cover
LMS for couples relationship counseling cover

LMS for couples relationship counseling

“Pentrucuplu.md” (in translation “For couples”) is an eLearning platform for couples that provides various courses, learning resources and personality tests. Its purpose is to promote and educate couples how to nurture relationships based on respect, love, trust and understanding.

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LMS for couples relationship counseling cover
Website for German IT internship program cover

Website for German IT internship program

IAW Group provides a distinctive chance for IT students and recent graduates to participate in internships with German companies, where they can engage in practical projects and activities that are relevant to their field of study.

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Website for German IT internship program cover
Business tracking platform cover

Business tracking platform

The platform is designed to help businesses stay organized, manage their projects more efficiently, and increase their productivity. It also provides insights and analytics to help businesses track their performance and make data-driven decisions.

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Business tracking platform cover

What we offer

UI / UX Design

We build web and mobile UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) design prototypes that are customer oriented, natural to use and very good looking. The most important aim is to make users behave the way we want them.

Web Development

Web dev is crucial for building an effective online presence and reaching a broader audience. With a focus on innovation and delivering results, we can help drive growth, increase engagement, and reach desired objectives.

IT Consulting

With a focus on customized and efficient solutions, we provide guidance and support on making informed decisions and successfully implementing technology to drive success.

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How we work

Every step of the product’s development cycle is carefully planned and tested in order to deliver it in specified terms.

Product analysis

In-depth interview,
competitors analysis


interaction flows


product design prototype


Implementation and
final testing

Product analysis is the first stage, in which, after an in-depth interview, the customer’s needs and wants are discovered and a detailed research is conducted about their competitors.

In the stage of Prototyping, a team of UX designers create the wireframe and the product’s interaction flows. This stage is critical for every product, because the main goal is to develop a product that would be intuitive and easy to use for the end-user.

The Design stage consists of determining the style of the product design according to the first stage (product analysis). At the end of this stage, the final product design prototype would be developed.

The final stage is reserved for programming and parallel testing the product according to the previous stages.

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After the consultation you will receive:


Defined goals of the project

We’ll listen to your needs and help you define the goals and objectives of your project


Initial technical requirements

We’ll define a list of functionalities


Tech stack suggestions

We’ll recommend the right technologies, tools and platforms that best fits your project


Estimated project timeline

We’ll go through the product timeline and development process


Approximated costs

We’ll make a list of the estimated costs for hosting, servers, domain name, design and development.


Corinna Borer

Project manager, Zurich University of Teacher Training

“ Softpeak's workflow is very reliable and exceptionally fast. It is customer-oriented, communicates in a clear and understandable professional language, and is always extremely friendly, even when the time pressure is high. ”

Natalia Bejan

Executive Director, Startup Moldova Foundation

“ The collaboration with Softpeak is a perfect optimum: the work is done at a super high speed, super quality, and, in addition, the team also comes with ideas of how to improve the product and what would be the options to choose from. I hope our partnership will last as long as possible. ”

Kardo Sharifi

Head of Programs, Dreamups

“ Softpeak delivered the solution on time, allowing us to start accepting meeting bookings through our new site. The team led a smooth workflow by communicating well and being receptive to our feedback. They delivered the project very fast and the quality was remarkable. ”

Olga Andriuta

Project manager, Digi Talents

“ During the collaboration with Softpeak, we managed to create a complete, useful and user-friendly platform for the beneficiaries of the Digi Talents project. I have appreciated the involvement and professionalism of the Softpeak team, which ensured us successful results. ”

Nicoleta Stavla

Project Manager / Deputy Board, IAW Internationale Akademie

“ Customer oriented attitude, good communication, Softpeak was proactive in suggesting improvements in addition to the scope we provided. Praises for on-time delivery and good communication! ”

Catalina Plinschi

Community Manager at Startup Moldova

“ Softpeak is fast and efficient, and every task is approached with professionalism, responsiveness, and accountability. Communication is clear and easy, without the need for a technical translator. ”

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of building a web application depends on several criteria, like:

  • The complexity of the features you want the application to have
  • The technologies used to develop the front and back-end
  • The deadline of the development

Therefore, the price is determined after an attentive analysis of all the criteria listed above.

For the web platforms we prefer to use Django, or FastAPI, or Node.js for the back-end and Reactjs for the front-end. But, our projects tend to be developed using Wordpress, because of the clients’ request and preference and thus, we also use it if insisted, but we kindly don’t recommend it. For the mobile apps we use Flutter, or React native.

Usually, the time of the development can vary from 7 to 50+ working days depending on the complexity of the project. It is determined and planned after the analysis of the features and technologies used.

You should choose Softpeak for several reasons:

  1. We build products with the end-user in mind. That’s why the first stages in the development are customer and market analysis.
  2. We develop sustainable and scalable architectures for our products.
  3. We keep to the estimated timelines.
  4. Responsibility and punctuality are our strategies for the long run.
All the advantages listed above are confirmed by the testimonials, which can be easily verified.

Yes, we do provide only ui/ux design services, available upon request.